To ensure apprentices receive the best level of support and the greatest chance of success, we believe in working in partnership with providers. We do this by offering a range of support materials.


Our Provider Guidance documents list everything the apprentice needs to be taught before they complete gateway. It contains all the information for tutors to be able to deliver a successful standard.

Our Apprentice Guidance documents break down the requirements of each assessment so the apprentice can fully understand what they’re going to be doing during on the day.

Our Mock Assessments provide clear guidance and structure to the assessments so the apprentices can prepare ahead of time. These also support providers by letting you know how to prepare the apprentices.

Our booking process is simple and straightforward, meaning you have more time to support apprentices in their assessment preparations.

We have a full time employed Learning Support Officer. We have a special considerations and adjustment policy to suit all apprentice needs.


As an employer, you can decide who you select as your EPAO. You can book directly with us or through your training provider.

Employers have access to our EPA Pro system, through their providers account, which ensures progression through end point assessment can be tracked in the workplace. This enables employers to be responsive to apprentice needs and offer support as and when required.

Employers will also have access to exactly the same resources as providers and apprentices. So you can follow the full EPA process and support the apprentice at all times.

With access to our reporting system, you can keep track of apprentice progression through EPA and completion.

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Apprentices have access to our EPA Pro system, through their provider account, which ensures they can access our resources through-out their apprenticeship.

Our mock assessments provide insight into how the assessments will be conducted and what is expected to be completed in the live assessment, so apprentices can fully prepare for the assessments.

Our Learning Support Officer can support apprentices with a wide range of additional support.

We provide full feedback for our assessments, not just the grading outcome.

The process for partnering with us is simple and straight forward

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