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Below is an overview of our simple process for End Point Assessment, from registration to certification. To find out the finer detail on each step, including our prices and why our offer is unique within the construction sector, please order an e-brochure from us.

Step 1


Apprentices to be registered 60 days prior to expected gateway date. Registrations are completed on EPA Pro and our Relationship Management team are here to support with this process.

Step 2

On-Programme Support

We agree an EPA model that works for you.

Step 3


Gateway documents uploaded to EPA system to complete the gateway review.


Step 4

Booking Assessments

Whether delivering cohort or one-to-one assessments, we ensure scheduling assessments is as simple and straightforward as possible by using EPA Pro to book and manage all assessments.

Step 5

Assessments and Result

Gateway documents uploaded to EPA pro to complete the gateway review.

Step 6


Certificates are claimed by us 15 days after the final grade is published on EPA system.


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